Madonna van nederigheid

Fra Angelico, ca. 1440, schilderij, SK-A-3011

As a Dominican monk, artist Fra Angelico was able to avoid the strict rules of the Florentine guilds. That allowed him to develop his own personal style: remarkably realistic, with big forms and a rather sweet quality derived from the older painting traditions of Siena and Florence.


Giambologna, ca. 1600, buste, BK-15117

De ontvoering van een Sabijnse…

Giambologna (naar), Giambologna (verworpen toeschrijving), ca. 1600 - ca. 1625, beeld, BK-16938


Elias Boscher, anoniem (verworpen toeschrijving), ca. 1660 - ca. 1670, meubilair, BK-1999-85

Christus als Verlosser

Giovanni Battista Caccini, ca. 1598, buste, BK-2000-8


Andrea del Verrocchio, 1468 - 1469, kandelaar, BK-16933

Hel en vagevuur (deel linksboven)

Jacques Callot, naar Bernardino Poccetti, 1612, prent, RP-P-OB-21.151


Jacques Callot, 1619 - 1624, prent, RP-P-OB-4660