Academic Calendar 2017-2018

If not otherwise specified, events will take place in the Rijksmuseum.


  • 1 October
    Eveline Sint Nicolaas over de deelbaarheid van het erfgoed van de Bijlmerramp in stad en land. Stadsgevoel #3: Dingen die doen denken aan de Bijlmerramp. Bijlmerplein 393.

  • 6 October
    Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Rotterdam. Defence of Doctoral Thesis. Kodak in Amsterdam. The Rise of Amateur Photography in the Netherlands 1880-1910. By Mattie Boom, curator of photography.

  • 8 October
    Lezing Wie schrijft geschiedenis door Martine Gosselink. Canoncafé Dudok tijdens de Maand van de Geschiedenis, toegang gratis, aanmelden via o.v.v. datum.

  • 8-9 October
    Symposium Masters of Mobility. Cultural Exchange between the Netherlands and Germany in the long 17th Century.

  • 13 October
    Pavilion. Performance by Luisa Ungar and Milena Bonilla (CO/NL). Performative lecture tackling the legacy of the Internationale Koloniale en Uitvoerhandel Tentoonstelling (“The International Colonial and Export Exhibition”) that took place on Amsterdam Museumplein and at the Rijksmuseum in 1883. Blending archival material and fiction, the artists will follow the specters of colonial spectacles and guide the audience through the various scenarios of the fair on the sites of its appearance. The performance forms a part of the series Heterotropics, curated by Sara Giannini in collaboration with TAAK. Rijksmuseum Ateliergebouw (rooms B &C) & Museumplein, 14:30-18:00. Free entrance | Limited seating. RSVP:

  • 20-21 October
    Lecture by Eveline Sint Nicolaas: Searching for Stories. The preparations of the exhibition on Slavery in 2020. Seminar Histórias Afro-Atlânticas, Musea de Arte de São Paolo (MASP).

  • 26 October
    ‘De vijftiende-eeuwse muurschilderingen in de kerk van Sprang’, Heemkundevereniging Sprang-Capelle

  • 27 October
    ‘De kunst van de feestmaaltijd: Conversation Pieces en tafelspelen tijdens het vroegmoderne Nederlandse diner’, Jaarcongres 2017 Vlaams-Nederlandse Vereniging voor Nieuwe Geschiedenis ‘Festiviteiten in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden’, Groningen

  • 27 October
    'Tin in het Rijksmuseum’, najaarsbijeenkomst Nederlandse Tinvereniging in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam


  • 6-7 November
    Symposium Museum Guides Now! This two-day symposium will centre on the museum guide’s profession and the professionalization of their work in art and history museums.

  • 6 november
    Public debate: Has the time come for a new Iconoclasm? In the aftermath of the demonstrations in Charlottesville, voices have also been raised in the Netherlands questioning ‘our heroes of the Golden Age’. Should monuments be removed or streets renamed? Rode Hoed, Keizersgracht 102 / Oosterhuiszaal, café open: 19:00 / start 20:00

  • 10 November
    Symposium Vrouwen in de Stijl 100 jaar nadat het eerste nummer van het tijdschrift De Stijl verscheen, wijdt het Rijksmuseum op vrijdagmiddag 10 november 2017 een symposium aan de rol die vrouwen binnen De Stijl-beweging speelden.

  • 11 November
    Durgā, the almighty goddess, from India to Indonesia: fighting and conquering the enemy. Annual Rijksmuseum / IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies) lecture by Dr Claudine Bautze-Picron.

  • 15-17 November
    Symposium Jewellery Matters – Context and Material Research. This symposium is organized on the occasion of the publication Jewellery Matters. In this richly illustrated book, art historian and design expert Marjan Unger offers a theoretical and multidisciplinary framework for the study of jewellery.

  • 22 November
    Lecture by Marije Jansen, 'Modern Japan – Japanese prints from the Elise Wessels collection', International House of Japan, Tokyo, Japan.

  • 23 November
    Panel discussion on ‘diversity’ and shared history. Symposium organized by the city of Amsterdam and the Tropenmuseum.

  • November 23-24
    Symposium Rethinking the VOC?. Old genres, new trends in research and analysis. The National Archives of the Netherlands and the Institute for History of Leiden University invite you to join them at the panoramic symposium ‘Rethinking the VOC?’ to discuss a variety of themes from new historiographical perspectives.


  • 7 December
    Congress: The Social Impact of the Liberal Arts and Social Studies. Social challenges as inspiration for scientific research Organized by ScienceWorks in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. Program

  • 14 December
    Conference Matthijs Maris at work. On the occasion of the large Matthijs Maris exhibition (6 October 2017- 7 January 2018) at the Rijksmuseum, a one-day conference will be held to present the results of a technical research of Matthijs Maris’s paintings.



  • 25-26 January
    Lecture: Lieke van Deinsen and Jan de Hond, ‘The Sword and the Album. Johan van Oldebarneveldt (1547-1619) and his Tragic Death as Cultural Icons in the early modern Dutch Republic'. Congress ‘The Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future’, Amsterdam.


  • 25 January
    Lecture by Anna Slaczka: How to make a ‘Cōḻa bronze’? Theory and practice of bronze casting in South India and the Rijksmuseum research on Asian bronzes. VVIK-lezing, Leiden Institute for Area Studies, Universiteit Leiden
  • 25-26 January
    Lecture: Lieke van Deinsen and Jan de Hond, ‘The Sword and the Album. Johan van Oldebarneveldt (1547-1619) and his Tragic Death as Cultural Icons in the early modern Dutch Republic'. Congress ‘The Icon as Cultural Model: Past, Present and Future’, Amsterdam.


  • 20 March
    Book presentation: The Unseen World. India and the Netherlands from 1550.
    The Board of Directors of the Rijksmuseum requests the honour of your presence at the book presentation of The Unseen World. India and the Netherlands from 1550 by Jos Gommans (Professor of Colonial and Global History at Leiden University) in the Rijksmuseum Auditorium.
  • 22 March
    Lecture by Anna Ślączka (invited speaker): 'The Challenges and Opportunities of Exhibiting Asian Art in the 21st Century: A View from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam', History of Art Department, University of Michigan, Ann Arbour


  • 3 April
    Slavery in 18th century arts. A varied program, with short presentations, discussion, a play and a column in Spui 25. Speakers: Eveline Sint Nicolaas and Valika Smeulders. Moderator: Lieke van Deinsen.
  • 5 April
    Impact: Het afrofuturistisch spectrum voorbij Wakanda. In dit programma buigt SPUI25 zich over deze verschillende kanten van het afrofuturisme met verschillende specialisten. Met Stephanie Archangel, junior conservator Geschiedenis Rijksmuseum.
  • 9-11 April
    Anna A. Ślączka (invited speaker), ‘Back to the Golden Age? Chola-style sculpture and processional images in temples of grāmadevatās in Tamil Nadu.’ CBC Conference, University of Tübingen.
  • 25 April
    Publiekslezing Postkoloniale Beeldenstormen. Historicus Gert Oostindie neemt onze omgang met het koloniale verleden kritisch onder de loep. Ook het actuele, soms hoog oplopende publieke debat daarover komt aan bod.
  • 26 April
    KNHG (Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch genootschap) Voorjaarscongres 2018: Denkend aan Nederland … Erfgoed, Canon en Nationale identiteit in Politiek, Onderwijs en Media. Nederlands Openluchtmuseum, Arnhem. Dagvoorzitter: Martine Gosselink (hoofd Geschiedenis Rijksmuseum).



  • 1 June
    Presentatie van het boek Ketens en Banden. Suriname en Nederland sinds 1600 van Eveline Sint Nicolaas. Het boek beschrijft de gedeelde geschiedenis van Suriname en Nederland aan de hand van voorwerpen in de collectie van het Rijksmuseum en vormt het slot van de Landenreeks. 15 uur, Auditorium Rijksmuseum.
  • 21 June
    Symposium The Production and Circulation of Indonesian Modern Art (1935-50). The symposium will mark the starting point of a collaborative research and exhibition project on art and culture in Indonesia during the Indonesian National Revolution developed by the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and various individual and institutional partners in Indonesia. Harm Stevens, Rijksmuseum curator of 20th-century art, will be one of the speakers at the symposium.
  • 28 June
    Anna A. Ślączka (invited speaker): ‘Kto się boi Karuppana? Bogowie tamilscy w 21 wieku’ [Who is afraid of Karuppan? Tamil gods in the 21st century]. Lecture at the exhibition ‘From Earth to Earth. Devotion and Terracotta Offerings in Tamil Nadu’. Museum of Asia and Pacific, Warsaw.