Academic Calendar 2014

If not otherwise specified, the event will take place in the Rijksmuseum.

December 2014

  • 2 December
    Lecture: ‘The new Rijksmuseum. Reinventing a 200 Year Old Museum’, in The Casino, for the Old Masters Society of the Art Institute, Chicago, by Jenny Reynaerts
  • 15 December
    Publication: Rijksmuseum Bulletin 2014/4 by Marieke de Jong, Jan van Campen, Jan de Hond, Jenny Reynaerts en Marijn Schapelhouman
  • 20 December
    Booklaunch of Tanya Sheehan and Andres Zervigon (eds), Photography and Its Origins, New York (Routledge) 2014 New York, NY [for this book Hans Rooseboom wrote the chapter: ‘What’s Wrong with Daguerre?’]

November 2014

  • November
    Book and exhibition: Mattie Boom and Hans Rooseboom, Modern Times: Photography in the Twentieth Century: The Photo Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
  • 4 November
    Presentation: “Gilding Dutch Techniques on 17th Century Picture Frames” at Symposium on Trophee Frames at the Mauritshuis, The Hague by Hubert Baija (speaker)

  • 14-15 November
    Delegate: Furniture Finishes, Ebenist Symposium, in Amsterdam. Hubert Baija (Delegate).

  • 20-23 November
    Event: Costume Colloquium IV: Colors in Fashion, Florence, Italy by Bianca du Mortier
  • 21 November
    Seminar Heden het Verleden for the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, by Jenny Reynaerts
  • 21 November
    Lecture: ‘The painter Schellinks and his use of Indian miniatures’
    (Symposium): East & West Baroque in a globalizing world) by Jan de Hond
  • 30 November
    14.00: over Dof goud, Nederland en Ghana 1593-1872 Volksuniversiteit Arnhem in Museum Bronbeek (serie Indische middagen), by Gijs van der Ham
  • October/November 2014
    Masterclass: Stichting Ebenist furniture constructions by Paul van Duin, Iskander Breebaart, Saskia Smulders-De Jong (Organizers)

October 2014

  • October-November
    Event: Wikipedians in special residence in the library of the Rijksmuseum (14 months) by Geert-Jan Koot
  • October
    Publication: ‘Close Encounters with the Earth’, In Van Gogh. The Man and the Earth/ ‘Incontri Ravvicinati con la Terra’ in Van Gogh. L’Uomo e la Terra, Milan (24Ore) 2014, pp. 41-54 by Jenny Reynaerts.
  • October
    Catalogue: entries for the exhibition catalogue ‘Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Painting’, Szepmüszëti Muzéum, Budapest, Hungary by Gijs van der Ham/Pieter Roelofs
  • October
    Symposium: ICOMAM, Justus Lipsius Award, Moscow, Russia by Eveline Sint-Nicolaas
  • October
    Publication: Exhibition catalogue ‘Rembrandt: The Final Years 1652-1669’ (National Gallery, London, October 2014-January 2015) by Gregor Weber / Jonathan Bikker / Erik Hinterding
  • October
    Publication & Exhibition: Breitner schetst in Amsterdam, Stadsarchief, Amsterdam in cooperation with the Rijksmuseum [in Dutch] by Freek Heijbroek
  • 8 October
    20 uur: over Dof goud, Nederland en Ghana 1593-1872 bij boekhandel Boomker Haren by Gijs van der Ham
  • 9-10 October
    Symposium, Copenhagen. Update on the Art Discovery Group Catalogue by Geert-Jan Koot (speaker)
  • 16/10, 19 uur : over Dof goud, Nederland en Ghana 1593-1872 bij boekhandel van Stockum Den Haag by Gijs van der Ham
  • 18 October
    Event: Nacht van de Geschiedenis [in Dutch] by Martine Gosselink

August–September 2014

  • Fall
    Workshop: ‘Identification and Conservation of digital prints’, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney by Martin Jürgens

  • 3 September
    Symposium: 'Tekst in het museum. Het tekstbordje en alles wat erbij komt kijken' by Annemies Broekgaarden and Epco Runia

  • 5 September
    Lecture: 'An Amaravati pillar fragment from the collection of the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam', British Museum, London by Anna A. Ślączka
  • 7-13 September
    Event: ICOM Costume Committee Meeting ‘The Political Dimensions of Dress’ , Athens, Greece by Bianca du Mortier
  • 11-13 September
    Presentation: "Technical examination of a 15th century Netherlandish painting", Symposium: Symposium XIX for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting, Université Catholique de Louvain, Bruges, Belgium by Arie Wallert (Speaker)
  • 12 September
    Symposium: Laboratorium Holland: 1955-1970 [in Dutch] by Harm Stevens
  • 15 September
    Publication: Rijksmuseum Bulletin 2014/3 by Marieke de Jong, Jan van Campen, Jan de Hond, Jenny Reynaerts en Marijn Schapelhouman
  • 15-19 September
    Poster: ‘Climate4Wood Museum Study’ Symposium: 17th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference: 'Building Strong Culture through Conservation', Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia by Stina Ekelund, Paul van Duin (Author, presenter)
  • 15-19 September
    Presentation: 'Comprehensive studies of patinas on Renaissance bronzes statuettes with laboratory, synchrotron and neutron aided techniques.' Symposium: 17th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference: 'Building Strong Culture through Conservation', Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia by Robert van Langh (presenter)
  • 22-26 September
    Poster: ‘Bending Asian Lacquer in 18th-Century Paris’ Symposium: 25th biennial IIC Congress, Hong Kong by Tina Hagelskamp, Paul van Duin (Author)
  • 25–27 September
    Roundtable: 'Transcultural Framings in Art History: Material, Display, Translation', Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic by Anna A. Ślączka
  • 27 September
    Lecture: on the book ‘De Geschiedenis van Nederland in 100 voorwerpen', [in Dutch] by Gijs van der Ham

June 2014

  • 5 June
    Presentation: "The use of radiographic techniques in the study of art objects", Symposium: 37th Postgraduate course and 51st Annual scientific meeting of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR2014), NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky, Amsterdam by Robert van Langh (Invited Speaker "Jacques Lefèbvre lecture")
  • 5–6 June
    Presentation: "Technical Aspects of Northern Netherlandish Manuscript Illumination", Inside Illuminations Art Technical Research and the Illuminated Manuscript, Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage, Brussels, Belgium by Arie Wallert (Speaker)
  • 5–7 June
    Chair (with Perry Chapman) of the session on Rembrandt during the NHA conference in Boston, USA by Erik Hinterding
  • 7 June
    Lecture: About the historic relations between the Netherlands and Ghana, by Gijs van der Ham
    (author of Dof goud on this subject), Boekhandel Schreurs & De Groot, Amsterdam
  • 11-14 June
    Workshop: “Gilding Conservation”, Professional Development Workshop, Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies, Mount Carroll, IL, by Hubert Baija.
  • 11-19 June
    Symposium: Attingham Study Programme, ‘The Historic House in Belgium: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels’, Attingham Park, UK by Reinier Baarsen
  • 15 June
    Publication: Rijksmuseum Bulletin 2014/2 by Marieke de Jong, Jan van Campen, Jan de Hond, Jenny Reynaerts en Marijn Schapelhouman
  • 16-17 June
    Presentation: "A 17th Century Textile Dyers Manuscript on the Production of Painters Pigments", Symposium: The sixth symposium of the ICOM-CC Working Group Art Technological Source Research (ATSR) "Sources on Art Technology: Back to Basics" by Arie Wallert (Speaker). With the support of ICOM, AkzoNobel and Johanna Kast-Michel Fonds / Rijksmuseum Fonds.
  • 16–17 June
    Presentation: "Colorful archives - Liotard, Stoupan and pastel colors available for artists during the 18th century in Europe", Symposium: The sixth symposium of the ICOM-CC Working Group Art Technological Source Research (ATSR) "Sources on Art Technology: Back to Basics" by Leila Sauvage (Speaker)
  • 16-17 June
    Poster: “The Trade in Chalk as an Artist’s Material” at Symposium: The sixth symposium of the ICOM-CC Working Group Art Technological Research (ATSR) by Hubert Baija, Marieken van den Bichelaer and Jolanda van Iperen.
  • 26–27 June
    Symposium: 'The Deepest Sense: On Tactility in the Arts and Sciences from the Early Modern Period to the Present Day'. Keynote speakers: Constance Classen, David Howes (Concordia University ,Montréal), Garmt Dijksterhuis (Unilever, University of Copenhagen) and Monika Wagner (University of Hamburg). Organized by Rijksmuseum, ACCESS, Meertens Instituut and Huizinga Instituut.
  • June 2014
    Article: 'Verdeckte Holzkonstruktionen. Untersuchungen an marketierten Türen niederländischer Kabinettschranke', Die Kunst der Ebenisten, postprints of the 2012 symposium in Potsdam 2012. By Paul van Duin (Author)
  • 17 July
    Lecture for the ARLIS/UK & Ireland Conference in Manchester about The Art Discovery Group Catalogue by Geert-Jan Koot
  • July 2014
    Article: ‘De Beuning kamer. Het fraaiste rococo interieur van de Amsterdamse grachtenhuizen gerestaureerd voor het Rijksmuseum’, Glans in de restauratie-conservatie, Luster et brillance en conservation-restoration, proceedings of the BRK-APROA conference, Brussels 2013 by Paul van Duin (Author)
  • July/August 2014
    Publication: ‘A collector’s cabinet with a miniature apothecary’. Rijksmuseum by Paul van Duin (editor), Reinier Baarsen, Roelof van Gelder, Annette Bierman, Gerhard Cadee, Dave van Gompel, Judith Mulder, Margot van Schinkel e.a. (Author)

May 2014

  • 3 May
    Art Discovery, launch of new bibliographic device, Washington DC Art Discovery Group Catalogue, an international network by Geert-Jan Koot (speaker)
  • 7-9 May
    Lecture: ‘Van de Spaanse mantó tot de huyck’, Congress ‘(Un)dressing Rubens’, Rubenianum, Antwerp, Belgium by Bianca du Mortier
  • 7-9 May
    Seminar: ‘Authentication in Art’, The Hague, Nederland
  • 12 May
    Presentation: "The influence of neutron imaging and diffraction techniques on the study of Renaissance bronze sculptures", College de France, Paris, France by Robert van Langh(Speaker)
    15-16 May
    Academic Education: “Picture Frames – Style History, Historical Technology and Conservation”, MA module for students in Paintings Conservation at the University of Amsterdam, Hubert Baija (Guest Teacher).
  • 16 May
    Symposium: International Association of Book and Paper Conservators: ‘If only I had known-looking back, moving forward’, Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie voor Wetenschappen, Amsterdam Workshop: ‘Traditions and recent developments in the mounting of works of art on paper and photographs in the collection of the print room of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam’, Atelier Building Rijksmuseum by Idelette van Leeuwen / Martin Jürgens / Dionysia Christoforou
  • 16-17 May
    Symposium: ‘The Turbulent Mind: Madness, Moods and Melancholy in the Art of the 19th Century’, Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Gent, Belgium by Jenny Reynaerts
  • 27-31 May
    Presentation: 'Modern Materials and Practice in Gilding Conservation' Symposium: 42nd Annual Meeting for the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, San Francisco, United States by Hubert Baija (Speaker)
  • Summer
    Article: ‘Penningen van Johannes Lutma junior’ in the magazine ‘Oud Holland’ [in Dutch] by Dirk-Jan Biemond
  • Summer
    Workshop: ‘Identification and Conservation of digital prints’, Gruppo Italiano dell’International Institute for Conservation, Florence, Italy by Martin Jürgens
  • Summer
    Workshop: ‘Conservation of contemporary photographic materials’, Advanced-Level Photography Conservation Workshop, National Museum of Hungary, Budapest by Martin Jürgens

April 2014

  • 5 April
    Lecture: about the art trade in Amsterdam 1900-1940 for students of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam [in Dutch] by Freek Heijbroek
  • 10 april
    Lecture: ‘Printmakers and publishers in Antwerp and Haarlem 1580-1650: transmission and competition’,‘Art on the Move’, symposium of the NWO-program Cultural Transmission and Artistic Exchange in the Low Countries 1572-1700, Rotterdam by Huigen leeflang
  • 10 April
    Delegate: Frame Specialty Sessions, 40th Anniversary Conference Association of Art Historians, Royal College of Art, London. Hubert Baija (Delegate).
  • 15 April
    Lecture: Rijksmuseum-College: ‘Ultramodernen, een vliegtuig en de sexuele revolutie’[in Dutch] by Ludo van Halem
  • 17–18 April
    Symposium: Koninklijk Nederlands Historisch Genootschap: ‘Art and politics in the nineteenth century’. Lecture: ‘Heritage, museumfication and the political past. The decorations in the Rijksmuseum Front Hall and Gallery of Honour’, in the seminar ‘The Artwork Exposed: Politics and the Arts (1850-1914)’, by Martine Gosselink, Jenny Reynaerts and Gijs van der Ham.
  • 27 April
    Lecture: on the painting of Claudius Civilis by Rembrandt, Gijs van der Ham and Pieter Roelofs, Rijksmuseum (in Dutch)
  • 29 April
    Lecture: Rijksmuseum-College: ‘De nieuwe afdeling Special Collections in het Rijksmuseum’ [in Dutch] by Martine Gosselink

March 2014

  • Spring
    Article: ‘The Duke of Alba: the Ideal Enemy’, Arte Nuevo by Daniël Horst
  • Spring
    Article: on the occasion of the presentation of the book ‘Dof Goud: Nederland en Ghana. 1593-1872’ in Geschiedenis Magazine by Gijs van der Ham
  • 3 March
    Presentation new volumes in the book series Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography - ‘Colour in the Home. Autochromes by Jacob Olie Jr’ by Laura Roscam Abbing and ‘Between Ad and Allegory. Marketing Portraits of Gerard Reve’ by Hinde Haest. PhotoQ book shop, Amsterdam
  • 7 March
    Lecture: ‘The Rijksmuseum and its art & historical collections: a peaceful wedding?’, Low Countries Seminar, Institute of Historical Research, University of London, UK by Martine Gosselink
  • 15 March
    Publication: Rijksmuseum Bulletin 2014/1 by Marieke de Jong, Jan van Campen, Jan de Hond, Jenny Reynaerts en Marijn Schapelhouman
  • 16-18 March
    Symposium: CODART: ‘Presenting our Collections: Ideals, Ideas and Practice’ by Jane Turner / Femke Dierks / Huigen leeflang / Matthias Ubl / Pieter Roelofs / Roosmarie Staats / Marijn Schapelhouman
  • 20 March
    Presentation: "Role of conservation in the Rijksmuseum re-display", Centre of Sustainable Heritage Guest Lecture, University College London, United Kingdom by Robert van Langh (speaker)
  • 24 March
    Lecture: Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap: Restoration of paper by Elisabeth Nijhoff Asser (and the year meeting) []
  • 27-30 March
    Lecture: ‘Reconsidering the Painting Machang Defeating the Enemy’ in the panel ‘Giuseppe Castiglione and Qing Visual Narrative Revisited, 1730-1770’. AAS 2013 Annual Conference, Philadelphia, USA by Ching-Ling Wang
  • 31 March
    Lecture: Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap []
  • March 2014
    Article: ‘The late 17th-century lacquer room from the Palace of the Stadholder in Leeuwarden’, The Conservation of East Asian Cabinets in Imperial Residences (1700-1900), proceedings of the 2013 conference in Vienna by Jan Dorscheid, Paul van Duin, Henk van Keulen (Author)
  • March/April 2014
    Article: ‘Climate4Wood’, ICOM-CC Heritage Wood: Research & Conservation in the 21st century, proceedings of the 2013 conference in Warsaw by Stina Ekelund, Paul van Duin (Author)

February 2014

  • 3 February
    Lecture: 'Humor in de 19e-eeuwse schilderkunst', Christie's Amsterdam, by Jenny Reynaerts and 'Bakker Korff en het interieur van zijn tijd' by Reinier Baarsen [both in Dutch]
  • 6 February
    Lecture: 20the century photography in the Rijksmuseum, Galerie Pennings, Eindhoven [in Dutch] by Mattie Boom
  • 7 February
    Lecture: in the workshop ‘Visual and Material Perspectives on East Asia’, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA by Ching-Ling Wang
  • 12–15 February
    Chairman of panel: ‘The System of Materiality: Dialectic of a New Visuality in East Asian Art’, University of Chicago, Chicago, USA by Ching-Ling Wang
  • 14 February
    Lecture: ‘The Rijksmuseum as an international museum’, Think Tank Thingies Conference, Centre for International Heritage Activities, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden by Martine Gosselink
  • 17 February
    Lecture: Koninklijk Oudheidkundig Genootschap: ‘Old drawings, new names’ on the occasion of the exhibition in Museum Het Rembrandthuis by Peter Schatborn [in Dutch]

January 2014

  • January
    Lecture: ‘Religious architecture and epigraphy at the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association’, Siem Reap, Cambodia by William Southworth
  • 5–11 January
    Lecture: ‘European Landscape in Chinese Print: A Newly Discovered Type of Suzhou Print in a Berlin Collection’, Beijing University, China by Ching-Ling Wang
  • 7 January
    Lecture: on the occasion of the renovated Rijksmuseum [in Dutch] by Gijs van der Ham
  • 16 January
    Symposium: New Hollstein Rembrandt by Erik Hinterding
  • 20-23 January
    Academic Education: “Picture Frames – Style History, Historical Technology and Conservation”, workshop for MA students in Paintings Conservation at the University of Amsterdam by Huub Baija (Guest Teacher).
  • 23 January
    Lecture: about Rembrandt van Rijn, Stedelijk Museum Zutphen/Museum Henriette Polak, Zutphen by Erik Hinterding
  • 31 January
    Lecture: ‘De ontdekking van Vermeer’. Studiedag ‘Museum en Universiteit – samen de 19de eeuw opzoeken?’ Rijksinstituut voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, Den Haag in Dutch Rijksinstituut voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie, Den Haag by Jenny Reynaerts
  • January 2014
    Web-publication: ‘The conservation of panel paintings and related objects. Research agenda 2013-2010. Getty Foundation, Rijksmuseum, NWO by Paul van Duin (co-editor)

Publications in 2014

  • Reinier Baarsen, ‘Eighteenth century collection of the Rijksmuseum’
  • Reinier Baarsen, ‘Romanticism or deceit: some counterfeit eighteenth-century Parisian gold boxes in the Rijksmuseum’, in a publication about gold snuff boxes of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • Reinier Baarsen, ‘Karel Alexander of Lotharingen and David Roentgen: an unique relationship’, in the magazine: Gentse Bijdragen tot de Interieurgeschiedenis’
  • Dirk-Jan Biemond, ‘Jewels from the collection of the Rijksmuseum’ with Marjan Unger
  • Jonathan Bikker (editor), File catalogue ‘Seventeenth century Dutch paintings in the Rijksmuseum, part II’
  • Mattie Boom. “Aat Veldhoen: The Polaroids” [in Dutch]
  • Mattie Boom/Hans Rooseboom, Five volumes of the Rijksmuseum Studies in Photography are being prepared by Manfred and Hanna Heiting interns: 'Man Ray’s Portrait of Peggy Guggenheim' by Frederique van Reij; 'The 1908 Travel Album' by Kessler by Mickey Hoyle; and 'The Annual Document Nederland Commissions' by Rixt Bosma, all three studies to be edited by Mattie Boom and Hans Rooseboom (Heiting Fonds) (January 2014: 2 vols., and November 2014: 3 vols.)
  • Mattie Boom/Hinde Haest/Hans Rooseboom, 'Modern Times: Photography in the Twentieth Century: The Photo Collection of the Rijksmuseum'
  • Duncan Bull. Article: ‘A ‘Raphael set in stone’: Hendrik Vergazoon the ‘noble’ abate Rangoni, St Charles Borromeo and ‘commercial connoisseurship’ in the early eighteenth century’
  • Duncan Bull. Article: ‘La virtù degli artefici: the development of artists’ portraits in Quattrocento Florence’
  • Jan van Campen, ‘Chinese and Japanese porcelain for the Dutch Golden Age’
  • Jan van Campen, ‘China and the Netherlands’
  • Esther van Duijn (Author), Article: “All that glitters is not gold. Painted gold-brocaded velvets in fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century Netherlandish paintings” in: 'Painting Techniques, History, Materials and Studio Practice', postprints of the 5th international conference
  • Menno Fitski, ‘The Asian art collection of the Rijksmuseum’
  • Menno Fitski, : ‘Japanese Temple Guardians’
  • Gijs van der Ham, English translation of Dof goud (Dull gold, The Netherlands and Ghana 1593-1872)
  • Hinde Haest/, ‘Between Ad and Allegory. Marketing portraits of Gerard Reve’, Studies in Photography (Manfred en Hanna Heiting Fonds)
  • Ludo van Halem, Introduction in the book of Peter Wever, ‘Inside Le Corbusier’s Philips Pavilion’, Rotterdam Nai Publishers
  • Ludo van Halem/Harm Stevens, ‘Twentieth century collection of the Rijksmuseum’
  • Freek Heijbroek (ed.), 'De Boekenwereld' (four issues annually) [in Dutch]
  • Erik Hinterding with Peter van der Coelen, "Rembrandts etsen in de achttiende eeuw: Over koperplaten bij Jean de Bary en een oeuvrelijst met prijsannotaties van Michel van den Bergh,” Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis
  • Erik Hinterding, ‘Investigation into Paper and Watermarks as a Research Method in Prints and Drawings,' in Jolanta Tablierska, ed., Methodology, Method and Terminology of Graphic Art and Drawing
  • Erik Hinterding, Catalogue: entry for the exhib. catalogie ‘Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Art’ Szépmüvészéti Muzéum, Budapest, Hungary
  • Geert-Jan Koot, New spaces for the Rijksmuseum, Actas de las Jornadas sobre Bibliotecas de Museos, Estrategias e Innovación Museo Nacional del Prado Madrid, November 2014
  • Geert-Jan Koot, Art Discovery Group Catalogue, an international network, proceedings of 42nd Annual Conference of the Art Libraries Society of North America in Washington, DC, November 2014
  • Anna Krekeler, Jonathan Bikker, Essay: 'Experimental Technique', exhibition catalogue Rembrandt- His Final Years
  • Anna Krekeler, Erika Smeenk, Michel van de Laar, Zeph Benders, Article: 'Consistent Choices- A technical Study of Johannes Cornelisz Verspronck’s Portraits in the Rijksmuseum', Rijksmuseum Bulletin, Nr.2/2014
  • Huigen leeflang, ‘Het Amsterdamse prentbedrijf van Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen’, essay & entries for exhib. cat. Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen (1472/77-1528/33) Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar, Amsterdam Museum in cooperation with Rijksmuseum. Alkmaar en Amsterdam
  • Suzan Meijer (Author), Publication: 'The use of Orchil in early 17th century tapestries'
  • Bianca du Mortier, ‘The costumes in the Rijksmuseum collection’
  • Jenny Reynaerts, ‘Nineteenth century collection of the Rijksmuseum’
  • Hans Rooseboom, Series of articles in Fotografisch Geheugen; and contributions to Photography and Its Origins, ‘The invention of Photography: a historiography’, in: Tanya Sheehan and Andres Zervigon (eds), Photography and Its Origins, New York
  • Hans Rooseboom (ed.), Editor: Depth of Field (on-line, open access scholarly journal on the history of photography and visual media in the Low Countries) (2 annually)
  • Frits Scholten, ‘Middle ages and Renaissance 1100-1600 from the Rijksmuseum collection’
  • Frits Scholten, ‘The tragic death of Adriaen Vrijburgh’ in ‘The Eternal Baroque. Studies in honor of Jennifer Montagu’
  • Frits Scholten, ‘Joost van Cranevelts description of the Riggisberg Magdalen prayer nut (1633)’ in the magazine Riggisberger Berichte
  • Frits Scholten, ‘Artists on the move’ in the magazine ‘Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 63’ with Joanna Woodall, Courtauld Institute London
  • Eveline Sint Nicolaas, 'Contribution to the publication of the Swedish Research Institute about king Karl XII'
  • Anna Ślączka, Rijksmuseum masterpieces-series: ‘Dancing Shiva’
  • Anna Ślączka, Article: The ratnanyāsa ritual in the Devyāmata’, in: ‘Proceedings of the International Conference on Consecration Rituals in South Asia’, Trondheim (2012), Numen Book Series
  • Anna Ślączka, Article: ‘The iconography of the Hindu deities in the Devyāmata, an early Saiva pratișțhātantra’, Tantric Studies
  • Ad Stijnman (Co-editor), 'Printing Colour in the Handpress Period'
  • Gwen Tauber (Author), Publication: 'Ter Borch in herhaling: over eigenhandige kopie in het werk van Ter Borch', Rijksmuseum Bulletin
  • Jane Turner & Christopher White, Catalogue: 'Dutch and Flemish Drawings in the Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum', London
  • Jane Turner(ed.), 'Master Drawings' (four issues annually)
  • Matthias Ubl, Dissertation: ‘Studien zum Braunschweiger Monogrammisten‘
  • Matthias Ubl, Entries for Collection Catalogue ‘Early Netherlandish Paintings in the Rijksmuseum II’
  • Jeroen van der Vliet, Article: ‘Navy model gallery of the Rijksmuseum reinstated’ in the magazine Nautical Research Journal
  • Jeroen van der Vliet, Article: ‘The Curious Case of the Witte Oliphant of 1755’ in Proceedings International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archeology 2013
  • Arie Wallert, Article: 'Evangeliarium van St Lebuinus’, in: Gezien met eigen ogen! Topstukken uit de Middeleeuwen in Museum Catharijneconvent
  • Arie Wallert, Article: ‘A Note on Gold and Silver in a Metalpoint Drawing by Jan van Eyck’, Van Eyck Studies, postprints of symposium XVIII for the Study of Underdrawing and Technology in Painting
  • Arie Wallert, Article: ‘Academy and Workshop; mediaeval transmission of antique knowledge’, Making and Transforming Art: changes in artists’ materials and practice, proceedings of the fifth symposium of the Art Technological Source Research Working Group
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  • Arie Wallert, Article: ‘Pigments on Pinakes: Pictures and Prostitutes’, ArtMatters
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  • Arie Wallert, Publication: 'Mediaeval Painting in the Northern Netherlands: Materials, Techniques and Style'
  • Gregor Weber/Marijn Schapelhouman
    /Anna Krekeler/Jonathan Bikker /Erik Hinterding, Catalogue: ‘Rembrandt’s experimental technique: drawings’, Rembrandt: the final Years (London, October 2014 – Amsterdam, February 2015)
  • Gregor Weber, ‘Seventeenth century collection of the Rijksmuseum’