The Rijksmuseum goes Orange

April 25 2014 - 10:53 AM

The Print Room has put 3,000 works from the history of the Oranges online: from William of Orange to Willem-Alexander.

foto Visit of Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands, at Artis in Amsterdam on May 28, 1910

Starting from today, over 3,000 works from the Rijksmuseum collection with a connection to the history of the House of Orange will be available to view online: prints, drawings, photographs, postcards, but also party hats for a royal investiture and royal family trees. The reason for digitizing these works and making them available online is the celebration of 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (2013-2015). You can see portraits of around 150 members of the House of Orange, from William of Orange to Willem-Alexander. Not only that but all kinds of other historic Orange events can be viewed and downloaded free of charge, from births to funerals, from grand investitures to Princess Juliana’s first visit to Artis Royal Zoo in 1910. The foundation for this extraordinary collection was laid in the 19th century by Mr. D. Franken, an Amsterdam banker and art historian. His collection became part of the Print Room in 1871 and was constantly supplemented with new portraits on paper.

Rijksstudio Orange portraits

All Orange portraits in the collection