Rijksmuseum launches API

December 12 2013 - 2:30 PM

The Rijksmuseum API (Application Programming Interface) is a new, state-of-the-art service for application developers. With the API, the Rijksmuseum is making its collection and other content and (high-resolution) images available for use in such things as apps and web applications.

The new website API (which has a live link to the website platform) makes the full power of the award-winning Rijksmuseum website directly accessible. Searching the collection is one activity that offers a wide range of interesting options. The same is true of the art work pages, the Rijksstudio users’ collections, and the tiled images used to zoom in to tight close-ups of works of art. In addition to all that, calendar information is also available.
The JSON-based service is so straightforward that you will be able to build something in no time at all.

“The Rijksmuseum collection belongs to everyone and should be available to everyone.” Taco Dibbits, Director of Collections at the Rijksmuseum

Make your own Masterpiece
The Rijksmuseum's mission is to connect art, history and the public. The museum truly wants to bring the collection closer to the public. The Rijksstudio website, for example, allows you to download more than 150,000 high-resolution images to make your own masterpiece.
With the Rijksmuseum API, we are inviting designers, developers, agencies and organisations to use the Rijksmuseum collection to create applications.

Since 2011, the Rijksmuseum has also provided an OAI API with a so-called OAI protocol (Open Archives Initiative). In the cultural sector, OAI is a standard mainly used by major organisations such as Europeana.