An online symposium on the significance of a more inclusive use of sources for museums, archives, and libraries. What sources are available for making presentations and conducting research on slavery and slave trade?


The symposium is divided into two sections. One section on museum practices, in which attention will be paid to the realization of the Slavery exhibition at the Rijksmuseum and the various sources used for this exhibition, and one section focusing on archival research and the digitization of sources.

We conclude the symposium with an international panel of experts reflecting upon the greater accessibility, implementation and shifting ideas of both museums as archives regarding the use of different sources.

Slavery exhibit and Metamorfoze

We organise this symposium in collaboration with the National Library of The Netherlands and the National Archives in The Hague. It marks the launch of the Slavery exhibition at the Rijksmuseum and the completion of the Metamorfoze project in which more than 400 meters of archival material on slavery and slave trade were preserved and digitized.


In English
23 April, 13-16.30h


Free admission, but registration is required.

Live stream

One hour before the start you will receive the link to the live stream.