Mad about flowers, cats or 17th-century gowns? Want to be sure to see The Threatened Swan? Use the Rijksmuseum App to plan your route and let your smartphone guide you to all your must-sees. Like a personal mobile tour guide, it directs you from one work to the next.

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Your mobile guide

Rijksstudio is a part of our website where you can scroll and swipe through the Rijksmuseum’s online collection. You can save detail images of works and build a collection of all your favourite pieces. Just pick a theme and start your own collection of cats and kittens on canvas, flower arrangements or the most gorgeous gowns in the museum. Or go in search of the craziest ‘selfies’. When your collection’s complete, use the Rijksmuseum App to turn it into a route. Now you can experience your personal Rijksmuseum whenever you visit.

Ready to start? Create your own route!

  1. First, start your own collection in Rijksstudio.
  2. In Rijksstudio, search for your favourite artworks. Refine the results by filtering for On display in the museum. To add artworks to your collection, click on the heart.
  3. Once you’ve added at least 4 works that are on display, you can create your own route through the museum. Click on the banner in your collection to go to the route page.
  4. Copy and send the page link to your smartphone.
  5. On your phone, open the route page and tap Open this route in the app.
  6. If you have installed the app on your phone, the route will automatically open in the app. Otherwise, you’ll need to download and install the app first. Reopen the link and the app will automatically open.
  7. Now you can follow your route through the galleries and enjoy your favourite artworks at the Rijksmuseum!
  8. Also, don’t forget to book tickets for your visit!

Get inspired

Stuck for a theme? Take a look at routes some of our other visitors created: