Book chest of Hugo de Groot

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1615, NG-KOG-1208

Traditionally, it was in this case that Hugo de Groot escaped from Loevestein Castle in 1621. He had been serving a life sentence there since 1619. The internationally renowned jurist De Groot (Grotius) had been arrested in 1618 as a political opponent of Prince Maurice. After his escape, De Groot…

On display in room 2.5

Armchair for Til Brugman

Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, c. 1919, BK-2010-1

No Dutch piece of furniture has been acclaimed as much as this armchair, designed around 1918 by Gerrit Rietveld. In its red and blue colours - first applied around 1924 - the chair became an international design icon. In fact Rietveld’s small furniture workshop in Utrecht supplied the chair in…

On display in room 3.2

Diorama of Government Square in…

Gerrit Schouten, 1812, NG-412

On display in room 1.17

Theekist met twee theebussen en een…

Pieter Adolf Bruné, 1785, BK-1979-25

On display in room 1.7

Broodmand, de wand opengewerkt met…

Reynier Brandt (attributed to), 1770, BK-17043

On display in room 1.2


anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1625, BK-NM-2337


anonymous, c. 1550, BK-NM-2339

Aquamanile in the form of a lion

Johannes Apengeter (attributed to), c. 1330 - c. 1335, figure, BK-NM-77

On display in room 0.2

Speelbeurs van groen fluweel,…

anonymous, c. 1680 - c. 1720, BK-1966-67

Vouwwaaier, geschulpt, met blad van…

anonymous, c. 1920 - c. 1925, BK-1973-765