Dolls’ house of Petronella Oortman

anonymous, c. 1686 - c. 1710, furniture, BK-NM-1010

The exterior of this dolls house is a work of art in its own right, with its mother-of-pearl and pewter veneer. The owners’ initials - Petronella Oortman and her husband Johannes Brandt, a cloth merchant in Amsterdam - are inlaid on both sides. Remarkably, all the domestic furnishings were made…

On display in room 2.20

Chest with nine bottles

anonymous, c. 1680 - c. 1700, chest, NG-444

The box was probably made in Batavia (Jakarta). The bottles are from Japan. They would have been used for expensive spice oils to prepare food, perfumes or medicines. Representatives of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) would present these as gifts to Asian potentates.

On display in room 2.9


anonymous, c. 1615 - c. 1625, furniture, BK-16019

On display in room 2.2

Crown for the King of Ardra

anonymous, c. 1664, jewellery, NG-NM-816-A

On display in room 2.9


anonymous, c. 1780 - c. 1790, BK-1970-28

On display in room 1.11

Bestekfoedraal voor twaalfdelig…

anonymous, c. 1730 - c. 1735, BK-17472-B

On display in room 0.10


anonymous, c. 1750 - c. 1760, BK-1968-128

On display in room 1.2

Theekist met twee theebussen en een…

anonymous, 1780, miniature, BK-NM-11177-149

On display in room 0.10

Armstoel van mahoniehout

anonymous, 1750 - 1775, BK-NM-5507

On display in room 1.2

Riem met gesp

anonymous, c. 1900 - c. 1910, jewellery, BK-1967-4-B

On display in room 0.9