Children of the Sea

Jozef Israëls, 1872, painting, SK-A-2382

This delightful scene contains a moral. These children from a poor fishing village with their shabby clothes and broken toys, are playing out their own future. The oldest boy carries the burden of his family on his shoulders, while the boat represents the harsh life at sea. Jozef Israëls first…

Schetsboek met 25 bladen

Jozef Israëls, 1834 - 1911, RP-T-1981-450

Schetsboek met 37 bladen

Jozef Israëls, 1834 - 1911, RP-T-1981-455

Schetsboek met 7 losse bladen

Jozef Israëls, 1834 - 1911, RP-T-1981-456

Schetsboek met 36 bladen

Jozef Israëls, c. 1869, RP-T-1981-458

Schetsboek met 42 bladen

Jozef Israëls, 1834 - 1911, RP-T-00-497


Jozef Israëls, 1896, painting, SK-A-3599

Woman at a Window

Jozef Israëls, 1880 - 1911, painting, SK-A-3313

Zelfportret met zieke voet

Jozef Israëls, c. 1898, drawing, SK-A-3733

Interior of a Peasant Hut

Jozef Israëls, c. 1882, painting, SK-A-2921