Mary Magdalene

Jan van Scorel, c. 1530, painting, SK-A-372

The woman is Mary Magdalen. A jar of ointment is her usual attribute, with which she is said to have tended Jesus’s feet. Van Scorel portrayed her as a seductive, lavishly dressed courtesan, a reference to her apparent origins as a prostitute. Her costume shows the influence of Italian painting on…

On display in room 0.6

Hoed van zwart fluweelvilt

Simons, c. 1950 - c. 1960, hat, BK-1978-57

Mercury and Aglauros

Joseph de Bray, after Jan de Bray, 1658, drawing, RP-T-1972-82

Shepherd and Shepherdess Seated in…

Casper Casteleyn, c. 1655, drawing, RP-T-1881-A-101

Studie van een naakte man met…

Christiaen Gillisz. van Couwenberg (attributed to), 1605 - 1695, drawing, RP-T-1963-437

Seated Man with a Soft Cap, in…

Cornelis Pietersz. Bega (attributed to), c. 1658 - c. 1660, drawing, RP-T-1888-A-1435

Recumbent Dog

Philips Wouwerman (possibly), c. 1646, drawing, RP-T-00-38

Servet met een profiel van een…

anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1649, BK-2003-2

Vuurbok of brandijzer van zilver

Michiel Maenbeeck, after 1655 - before 1682, BK-14656-114-A

On display in room 2.20