Silver cabinet

Jan Adolf Hillebrand, 1844, BK-R-4927

As a young cabinetmaker, Hillebrand presented this neo-Gothic showpiece at an industrial exhibition in Leeuwarden in 1844. His ambition was rewarded. King Willem II bought the silver cabinet, having acquired a taste for Gothic art as a student in England. Different Gothic elements are ingeniously…

Redingote or Great-Coat Dress

anonymous, c. 1786 - c. 1789, BK-1978-250

Cap with Morning Glories

Elsa Schiaparelli, c. 1948 - c. 1952, hat, BK-1993-84

Bruidsschoen van roomwitte satijn…

Manfield (possibly), in or before 1890, BK-1978-245-B

Toejuiching van Hendrik Hooft…

Willem Kok, 1787, print, RP-P-1944-2219

Einde van de zeeslag bij…

Mathias de Sallieth, after Johan Frederik Reitz, 1782, print, RP-P-1944-2031

Zeeslag bij Doggersbank, 1781

Mathias de Sallieth, after Johan Frederik Reitz, 1781, print, RP-P-1944-2029