Square Man

Karel Appel, 1951, painting, SK-A-5002

The square man squeezes with difficulty into this square canvas. He seems to squint slightly with his red and green eyes and his blue mouth gapes open. The head is too big, the body is too small, and the arms and legs are too short, yet with his fiercely coloured body and his ponderous genitals, he…

On display in room 3.3


J. Terwen-de Loos, 1945 - 1946, NG-2000-5

Roze en witte bloemen

Adolphe Burdet (circle of), 1907 - 1930, photograph, RP-F-2000-21-80

Gezicht in de kloostertuin bij de…

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1913 - c. 1927, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-166

Tine in the Dormitory

Jacob Olie jr., c. 1920, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-20

Andries van Wezel (1856-1921)

Willem Witsen, 1912, painting, SK-A-2948

Portret van Tine en Aagje, zittend…

Jacob Olie jr., 1910 - 1927, photograph, RP-F-1995-206-11

Portrait of Three Girls

anonymous, c. 1915 - c. 1930, photograph, RP-F-2009-51

Hanger in de vorm van een tak…

Georges Fouquet, c. 1908 - c. 1910, pendant (jewelry), BK-1970-64

On display in room 0.9