Maria Theresa, Archduchess of…

Jean-Etienne Liotard, 1747, miniature (painting), SK-A-239

Portret van een man

Joseph Marinkel, 1755, miniature (painting), SK-A-4793

Portret van een jonge man

anonymous, 1614, miniature (painting), SK-A-2104

Portrait of a Woman

Daniël Bruyninx, 1764, miniature (painting), SK-A-4785

Portrait of a Man

Coenraad Hamburger, 1843, miniature (painting), SK-A-4790

Portrait of a Woman

Jan Frans van Douven (attributed to), 1666 - 1727, miniature (painting), SK-A-4811

Pieter de Riemer (1769-1831),…

Johannes Hari (I), 1800 - 1831, miniature (painting), SK-A-3102

Portrait of George II (1683-1760),…

Benjamin Arlaud, 1706, miniature (painting), SK-A-4295

Portrait of Frederik Adrian…

Johannes Hari (I), 1827 - 1837, miniature (painting), SK-A-4030

Portrait of Maria Stuart (1662-95),…

Richard Gibson (attributed to), 1665 - 1675, miniature (painting), SK-A-4312