Roemer with a poem to Constantijn…

anonymous, 1619, BK-1983-15

Anna Roemers Visscher engraved one of her own poems in a wineglass as a gift for Constantijn Huygens. The verse contains a complaint and an exhortation: her pen has dried up, her brain has rusted. She asks Huygens to fetch her some water from the Helicon – where the Muses live – so her ink will flow…

On display in room 2.8


anonymous, 1618, salt (condiment vessel), BK-1988-15-A

On display in room 2.12

Kandelaar met geprofileerde voet en…

anonymous, c. 1425 - c. 1475, candlestick, BK-NM-2384


anonymous, c. 1127 - c. 1279, AK-MAK-559

On display in Asian pavilion, room 2

Collar of Linen and Needle Lace

anonymous, c. 1625 - c. 1640, BK-1978-462

Portrait of Shah Jahan

anonymous, anonymous (rejected attribution), c. 1630 - c. 1650, AK-NM-12249

Willem III ingezworen als…

anonymous, after Romeyn de Hooghe, 1672 - 1675, print, RP-P-1998-620

Het licht is op de kandelaar…

anonymous, 1640 - 1699, print, RP-P-OB-78.421

Alva zit de Spaanse Bloedraad voor,…

anonymous, 1677 - 1679, print, RP-P-OB-78.979

Messenheft met het offer van…

anonymous, 1500 - 1600, print, RP-P-1964-4628