Two temple guardians

anonymous, c. 1300 - c. 1400, AK-RAK-2007-1-B

These guards stand at the entrance to a temple to ward off evil. They are holding a vajra, with which to crush ignorance. Their open and shut mouths represent the first and last letters of the Japanese script: A and N: this symbolises the totality of sounds and letters, of knowledge. Worshippers who…

On display in Asian pavilion, room 2

Wandtafel van verguld lindehout met…

anonymous, 1690 - 1710, furniture, BK-1975-80

Kist in certosina-techniek,…

anonymous, 1500, furniture, BK-16629

Half Model of a 40-Gun Hooker…

anonymous, c. 1785, ship model, NG-MC-1351

On display in room 0.13

Model van 1 kilogram

anonymous, c. 1830, weight, NG-2001-16-D-3

Portret van een onbekende vrouw

anonymous, c. 1855 - c. 1870, photograph, RP-F-F14626-B

Een melkmaat van Alkmaar

anonymous, 1798, NG-2001-16-B-23

Doll’s house kitchen with 45…

anonymous, c. 1845, BK-KOG-1917

On display in room 0.10

Portret van een onbekende jongeman

anonymous, c. 1840 - c. 1860, photograph, RP-F-F14591