Portrait of a Member of the Van der…

Cornelis Troost, 1736, painting, SK-A-3948

The portrait conveys a sense of convivial hospitality, as if the man were inviting us into his home to enjoy his art and music. In a typically 18th-century way, the portrait has no sense of distance, of authority. It introduces us directly to the open personality of this enthusiastic young member of…

On display in room 1.1

Pair of marriage goblets with lids

anonymous, 1759, goblet, BK-1964-14-A

On display in room 0.7

Kelkglas met een vrouw achter een…

anonymous, after Johann Esaias Nilson, 1757, BK-KOG-145

On display in room 0.7

Portret van Hugo de Groot

Rienk Jelgerhuis, 1739 - 1806, print, RP-P-1890-A-15969

De Vrek, Blijspel

Rienk Jelgerhuis, 1760 - 1770, print, RP-P-1901-A-22241

Veldslag bij Zaragoza, 1710

anonymous, 1710, print, RP-P-1927-255

Gezicht op de Oost-Indische Werf te…

Jan Arends, 1779, print, RP-P-1939-1412

Huwelijksplechtigheden van de…

Cornelis Brouwer, 1780, print, RP-P-1911-2963

Portret van Jacob van Hoorn

Johannes de Groot (II), 1734 - 1776, print, RP-P-1906-3267

Portret van Joan van den Honert

Johannes de Groot (II), after Hieronymus van der Mij, 1722 - 1745, print, RP-P-1906-3266