Two temple guardians

anonymous, c. 1300 - c. 1400, AK-RAK-2007-1-B

These guards stand at the entrance to a temple to ward off evil. They are holding a vajra, with which to crush ignorance. Their open and shut mouths represent the first and last letters of the Japanese script: A and N: this symbolises the totality of sounds and letters, of knowledge. Worshippers who…


anonymous, 1850 - 1900, AK-MAK-875

Octagonal plate with an image of…

anonymous, c. 1730, plate (dishes), BK-1989-8

Lakdoos op onderstel, vijflobbig…

anonymous, 1675 - 1699, box, AK-RBK-1968-113

Sake bottle with a bird on a rock…

anonymous, c. 1660 - c. 1680, AK-MAK-683


anonymous, c. 1690 - c. 1705, plate (dishes), BK-1994-30

Tea bowl with a rose cream glaze

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1699, AK-MAK-739

Tea bowl with a white slib…

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1700 - c. 1724, AK-MAK-836

Square bottle with flowering plants…

anonymous, c. 1700 - c. 1724, BK-1968-213-B


anonymous, 1800 - 1900, box, AK-MAK-713