Two temple guardians

anonymous, c. 1300 - c. 1400, AK-RAK-2007-1-B

These guards stand at the entrance to a temple to ward off evil. They are holding a vajra, with which to crush ignorance. Their open and shut mouths represent the first and last letters of the Japanese script: A and N: this symbolises the totality of sounds and letters, of knowledge. Worshippers who…

Reiger bij volle maan

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Vollende vrouw

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Het Gion heiligdom in de sneeuw

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Kolgans bij volle maan

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Rijsthoning uit Horinouchi

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Minakuchi, het beroemde…

Hiroshige (I) , Utagawa, 1828 - 1835, print, RP-P-1952-181

De Roben waterval te Oyama in de…

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Shirasuke en Futagawa

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Het is goed om de eerste boottocht…

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