Model of a Wind-Driven Pump

anonymous, 1827, demonstration model, NG-MC-648-1

Drawing of a Rocket in a Red Velvet…

anonymous, anonymous, c. 1800, drawing, NG-MC-1889-31

Glazen vaas met verschillende…

anonymous, after Jean Baptiste Monnoyer, 1688 - 1698, print, RP-P-1903-A-24084

Box with twelve drawing templates

anonymous, 1827, chest, NG-MC-116

On display in room 0.13


anonymous, 1688 - 1698, print, RP-P-1939-883

Een gemaskerd stel en een…

anonymous, after Jacob de Gheyn (II), 1596 - 1635, print, RP-P-OB-9933

Model of an Optical Telegraph

anonymous, anonymous, 1795 - 1816, demonstration model, NG-MC-813

Portret van schilder Simon de Vos

anonymous, after Paulus Pontius, after Anthony van Dyck, 1688 - 1698, print, RP-P-1955-170