Children of the Sea

Jozef Israëls, 1872, painting, SK-A-2382

This delightful scene contains a moral. These children from a poor fishing village with their shabby clothes and broken toys, are playing out their own future. The oldest boy carries the burden of his family on his shoulders, while the boat represents the harsh life at sea. Jozef Israëls first…

On display in room 1.18

Italian Landscape with Umbrella…

Hendrik Voogd, 1807, painting, SK-A-4688

Voogd was known as the Dutch Claude, after the French painter Claude Lorrain, who was famous for his historical landscapes bathed in a golden glow. Voogd depicted the garden at Villa Borghese in Rome late in the afternoon: the sun casts long shadows and the trees stand out starkly against the sky.…

On display in room 1.12

Winter Landscape

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, 1835 - 1838, painting, SK-C-165

On display in room 1.14

Landscape with a Thunderstorm…

Willem Roelofs (I), 1850, painting, SK-A-4868

Molen bij maanlicht

Jacob Maris, c. 1899, painting, SK-A-2462

Winter Landscape

Willem Witsen, c. 1885 - c. 1922, painting, SK-A-2953

Seascape from the Zeeland Waters,…

Petrus Johannes Schotel, 1825 - 1827, painting, SK-A-1133

A Group of Houses

George Hendrik Breitner, c. 1880 - c. 1923, painting, SK-A-3560

Slijpsteenmarkt (Whetstone Market)…

George Pieter Westenberg, 1817, painting, SK-A-1161

Landscape with a Rainstorm…

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek, 1825 - 1829, painting, SK-C-542