Javanese Court Officials

anonymous, c. 1820 - c. 1870, painting, NG-2010-40

Clothes make the man, so too in Indonesia. These are not actual portraits, but types. In addition to revealing the region these men come from, the meticulously painted clothes and batik motifs also provide information about their rank and status. These proud, confident figures are unusual: in…

On display in room 1.17

De zon, onderdeel van het…

Hartog van Laun, c. 1974 - c. 1975, NG-NM-11700-5

On display in room 1.10


anonymous, 500 - 600, AK-MAK-43

Lacquer panel with the names of the…

anonymous, c. 1850, BK-16465

On display in room 1.17