Toilet mirror

Joseph-Germain Dutalis, 1828 - 1829, BK-1994-34

This mirror was the centrepiece of a large set of toiletry articles that the Dutch king Willem I had made as a wedding gift for his daughter Princess Marianne, who married Prince Albert of Prussia in 1830. The king commissioned Dutalis, the leading jeweller in Brussels, to make this superb ensemble…


Simon Frisius, after David Vinckboons (I), 1599 - 1649, print, RP-P-OB-27.458

Portret van Caelius Secundus Curio

Simon Frisius, c. 1610, print, RP-P-1908-2651

Portret van Simon Grynaeus

Hendrick Hondius (I), 1599, print, RP-P-1908-2681


Simon Frisius, after Antonio Tempesta, 1611, print, RP-P-OB-52.364

Kop, deel van een servies,…

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Portret van de predikant Benjamin…

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Zomer, een landschap met vissers

Hendrick Hondius, after Monogrammist SCM (17e eeuw), after Pieter Stevens (I), 1601, print, RP-P-1892-A-17226