Eight Stacked Beams

Carel Visser, 1964, sculpture, BK-2008-4

The eight massive planks that form this abstract sculpture are not stacked in precise symmetry. Each pair of planks is slightly further to the side. It all appears quite natural, yet the stack is impossible to balance. So the construction is a crucial element. In fact there is a seam along all the…

On display in room 3.4

Portret van Libbe en Dick Ket

Dick Ket, c. 1939, drawing, RP-T-1994-160

Vouwwaaier, met een onregelmatig…

J.F. Baguier, c. 1910 - c. 1920, BK-1969-55-A

Anton bij wachterskamp op Ma…

Hendrik Doijer, 1903 - 1910, photograph, NG-1994-65-2-13-2

De Madroelhaven

Jannes Linders, 1989 - 1990, documentary photographs, NG-1991-2-22

Sectie T Kamp Geneesheer

Augusta Curiel (attributed to), 1905 - 1910, photograph, NG-2009-131-9

Herdenking van de moord op Bisschop…

Oscar van Alphen, 1983, documentary photographs, NG-1984-7-25

Familiebezoek per boot op plantage…

anonymous, 1916 - 1930, photograph, NG-2009-45-21