Target gun used by the Guild of…

Jacobus Jaspers (attributed to), 1675 - 1699, NG-2002-23-14

On display in room 0.12

Model of an Artificial Reef

's Lands Werf Amsterdam, 1800, scale model, NG-MC-1023

On display in room 0.13

Model of a Stopper and Bitts

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1854, demonstration model, NG-MC-626

Gunlock (Percussion) on a Dummy…

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1836, percussion lock, NG-MC-710

Model of a Wood Kiln

anonymous, c. 1798 - c. 1807, demonstration model, NG-MC-20

Model of a Lathe and Drilling…

anonymous, c. 1797, demonstration model, NG-MC-67

Hemelbed vervaardigd van notenhout,…

anonymous, c. 1690 - c. 1710, BK-NM-1010-33

On display in room 2.20

Armstoel met hoge gesloten wangen

Kunsthandel E.J. van Wisselingh, c. 1900 - c. 1905, BK-1982-41

Model of a 74-Gun Ship on a Slipway

anonymous, c. 1797 - c. 1800, ship model, NG-MC-504

Model of Part of a Covered Slip

Rijkswerf Amsterdam, 1838 - 1840, presentation model, NG-MC-15