Abraham Roentgen, c. 1758 - c. 1760, BK-16676

This desk has numerous secret compartments and drawers and even includes a fold-out prie-dieu. It was made for Johann Philipp von Walderdorff, archbishop and elector of Trier, and is decorated at the top with his portrait and heraldic arms. The desk is the most expensive showpiece ever made by…

On display in room 1.9


anonymous, 1702 - 1710, BK-NM-1010-246-A

On display in room 2.20

Collector’s cabinet with miniature…

anonymous, 1730, BK-1956-44

On display in room 1.1


anonymous, c. 1600 - c. 1699, musical instrument, NG-NM-3126-1

On display in room 0.9

Inhoudsmaat van 1/2 decaliter

anonymous, c. 1825, NG-2001-16-A-68


anonymous, c. 1770 - c. 1775, BK-15986

Half Model of a 32-Gun Frigate

anonymous, c. 1804, ship model, NG-MC-315

Wandtafel van verguld beukenhout

Johann Adam Pichler (attributed to workshop of), c. 1725 - c. 1730, BK-16659

Chest ornamented with scenes from…

anonymous, c. 1625 - c. 1650, furniture, BK-NM-9670

On display in room 2.4

Lodewijk XIII (1601-43), koning van…

anonymous, c. 1625, miniature (painting), SK-A-278