Model of a Jolly Boat

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1819, ship model, NG-MC-2019-2

Model of a Life-Saving Cart for…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam (possibly), 1832, demonstration model, NG-MC-847-2

Model of a Ship Camel

Rijkswerf Rotterdam (possibly), c. 1840, demonstration model, NG-MC-25

Model of the Mortar Bed of a Bomb…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1842 - c. 1847, demonstration model, NG-MC-120-1

Model of a Capstan with a Winch

Rijkswerf Rotterdam (possibly), 1835, demonstration model, NG-MC-199

On display in room 0.13

Model of Part of a Covered Slip

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, Rijkswerf Amsterdam, Rijkswerf Vlissingen, c. 1822, demonstration model, NG-MC-16

Model of a Furnace for a Steam…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1840, demonstration model, NG-MC-54

Model of a Gun Position on the…

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1834, demonstration model, NG-MC-101

Model of a Masting Sheer

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1818, demonstration model, NG-MC-37

Model of a Capstan with a Winch

Rijkswerf Rotterdam, c. 1830, demonstration model, NG-MC-197