2017 International Rijksstudio Award

Be inspired by the Rijksmuseum’s collection and create your own personal masterpiece. Anyone can take part and all art forms are allowed, as long as the design is based on a piece from the Rijksmuseum collection and includes images from Rijksstudio.

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Top 10 finalists announced

gif The Rijksmuseum has announced the top ten entries for the 2017 Rijksstudio Award. Our international panel of experts has selected the ten best designs inspired by the Rijksmuseum collection from a grand total of 2,600 entries. The submitted designs are all inspired by the Rijksmuseum collection and based on images from Rijksstudio. They range from a dance performance to contact lenses and condoms.

Public Award

The public can also vote. The winner of the Public Award will be announced during the Rijksstudio Award presentation on 21 April. The Public Award winner will receive a prize of € 1,000. You can vote at rijksstudio-award.nl.

Top 10 (in alphabetical order)

  • Pop Up Birds Book, Chiara Bianchini, Italy
  • Temple Guardian Dance Performance, Melodie Briere, England
  • Butter Dish, Rina Elman, Israel
  • Plantstudie Hats, Jessie Hall, England
  • Delft Blue Eyes + Nails, Francine LeClercq & Ali Soltani, USA
  • Masterpieces Never Sleep, Lesha Limonov, Belarus
  • Heron Lamp, Sergii Lysyi, Ukraine
  • Eden Condoms, Esther Pi & Timo Waag, Spain
  • Still Life Pixel + Metadata Dress, Andrea Wallace, Scotland
  • The Night Watch Nightshirt, Oliver Watson, The Netherlands

International design competition

The Rijksmuseum will be awarding the Rijksstudio Award for the third time. The Rijksmuseum invites members of the public to draw inspiration from the Rijksmuseum collection, download images from Rijksstudio and use them to create their own artwork. Anyone can take part and all art forms and interpretations are allowed, from design, decorative arts and applied arts to fashion design, photography and video.


The artwork will be judged by an international panel of experts.

  • Irma Boom, Director of Irma Boom Office
  • Tony Chambers, Editor-in-Chief at Wallpaper
  • Ingrid Chou, Associate Creative Director, The Museum of Modern Art
  • Taco Dibbits, General Director of the Rijksmuseum (Jury President)
  • Ute Thon, Chief Copy Editor, art - Das Kunstmagazin
  • Thomas Widdershoven, director and designer at Thonik
    jury2017 From left: I. Boom, T. Chambers, , I. Chou, T. Dibbits, U. Thon and T. Widdershoven

Rijksstudio Award prizes and announcement

The first prize is 10,000 euro, the second 2,500 euro, and the third 1,500 euro. In addition, a people’s choice award of 1,000 euro is up for grabs.


Share your design for the 2017 Rijksstudio Award on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the #rijksstudio hashtag

Rijksstudio in a nutshell

With Rijksstudio everyone can use the images from the Rijksmuseum's collection free of charge to discover, collect, share, touch, ‘like’ and edit.

Thanks to our partners

Rijksstudio is made possible by the Rijksstudio Fonds/Rijksmuseum Fonds and the BankGiro Lottery


Please e-mail any questions or comments about the Rijksstudio Award to: award@rijksmuseum.nl