The Rijksmuseum Bulletin is the English language academic journal of the Rijksmuseum, published quarterly.

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin 2014/2


Marrigje Rikken, 'A Spanish Album of Drawings of Animals in a South-Netherlandish Context: a Reattribution to Lambert Lombard'

Bianca M. du Mortier, ‘"Here one comes to see, and be seen", Flânerie in the Seventeenth Century'

Pieter Roelofs, ‘Gold for Houkje Gerrits Bouma. The Women's Skating Competition on the Stadsgracht in Leeuwarden on 21 January 1809, Painted by Nicolaas Baur'

Dirk Jan Biemond, Menno Fitski, Jan van Campen, Elsje Janssen, Eveline Sint Nicolaas and Femke Diercks, ‘Acquisitions: Decorative Art’.

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About The Rijksmuseum Bulletin

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal presenting scholarly articles that contribute to historical and art-historical research into the Rijksmuseum collections to an international audience of curators, scholars, students, art professionals and enthusiasts.

Scientific research into objects and works of art by museum experts is often published in The Rijksmuseum Bulletin. However, authors from outside the museum are most welcome to contribute.

The Rijksmuseum Bulletin is published by the Rijksmuseum Publications Department.
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