Treasures from Storage

March 8 2019 - 9:00 AM

The Rijksmuseum is offering a rare glimpse into the treasures in its collection that usually lie hidden in its storage depot. Treasures from Storage presents a selection from a different part of this remarkable collection in five galleries and is on show from 7 March to 18 November 2019.


The entire collection of medieval bronze mortars is on show in the gallery of the Middle Ages. These objects have not been on public display together since the early 20th century.

Fireplace stones and tiles

The galleries of the 17th century are hosting a display of objects found in domestic interiors of the Dutch Golden Age. On one side is a display of firebacks and fireplace stones, which while having a protective function were also decorative. On the opposite side is a wide array of tiles that showcase the wealth of patterns and illustrations decorating these artistic objects, which would often be used for skirting and in kitchens.


A selection of mirrors from the 16th to the 19th century is hanging in the galleries of the 18th century. With their diversity of styles and patterned decorations, the frames and the mirror glasses themselves are extremely precious.

Decorative textiles

Textiles designed for domestic interiors by the artist Theo Nieuwenhuis are on show in galleries of the 19th century. A pupil of Pierre Cuypers, the architect who designed the Rijksmuseum, Nieuwenhuis’s work included the interior of the Shipping House (Scheepvaarthuis) in Amsterdam. The textile samples are modest in size, but give a good impression of the original upholstery of the furniture and interiors, many of which were replaced when they went out of fashion or wore out.

Netherlands Collection Centre

This exhibition was prompted by the building of the Netherlands Collection Centre (CC NL), a shared storage facility in Amersfoort which will open in 2020, and house the collections of the Rijksmuseum, Paleis Het Loo, the Dutch Open Air Museum and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. Before being moved to their new home, all the objects in the Rijksmuseum’s current depot will be redescribed, photographed and prepared for relocation.


Haardplaat met het familiewapen van Joan Huydecoper, anoniem, in of na 1647 - ca. 1660
Haardsteen met een hoofd van een Romeinse krijgsman met helm, anoniem, ca. 1500 - ca. 1600
Spiegel in vergulde en gesneden lijst met o.a. een ovaal medaillon met een naar links gewende gelauwerde mannenkop als wapenstuk van de familie 't Hooft, anoniem, 1780
Spiegel in geprofileerde en geschulpte lijst met bloemslingers, rocaillemotieven en in het midden een vogel (pelikaan?). Bruin geschilderd en gedeeltelijk verguld hout., anoniem, 1750
Veld van zestien tegels, anoniem, ca. 1650 - ca. 1700. Schenking van de erven van de heer A. Isaac, Amsterdam
Tegeltableau met het schip "Den Briel" van Willem III met het admiraalsjacht voor het Oude Hoofd te Rotterdam, anoniem, ca. 1690 - ca. 1730
Stalenboek Wiener Werkstätte, Wiener Werkstätte, 1910 - 1925

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