The new Rijksmuseum boosts the Dutch economy

August 28 2013 - 6:00 PM

A study of the economic value and impact of the opening of the new Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam shows that the new museum is already making a significant contribution to the Dutch economy.

The report, published on 28 August 2013, shows that the annual economic impact of the Rijksmuseum is €235 million as of 2013, 80% of which is a result of the significant increase in visitor expenditure.

The Rijksmuseum renovation project is also making a positive contribution in terms of employment: during the renovation period, the Rijksmuseum provided an average of 2,600 FTE employment opportunities every year, and after renovation this figure will increase to 3,700 FTE.

The opening of the Rijksmuseum has also raised Amsterdam's profile in terms of business and tourist numbers and is playing a key role in enhancing the cultural reputation of the Netherlands.

Director of the Rijksmuseum, Wim Pijbes said: "It is clear that the investment in the new Rijksmuseum has had major consequences that stretch far beyond the walls of the building itself. These results prove that the age-old wisdom of John Paul Getty still rings true: fine art is the finest investment."

Professor Tony Travers, Director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics, said: "International research suggests major museums such as the Rijksmuseum are a crucial element in the economic and societal wellbeing of a city. But they do much more than that. Experience in London, New York, Paris and elsewhere suggests that cities need significant cultural institutions as part of their offer to the world. Amsterdam, in common with other major European cities, needs to be flexible and able to re-invent itself if it is to continue to attract businesses, tourism and creative talent. The Rijksmuseum contributes in many different ways to the economic and cultural future of its city and country".

Founded in 1798 as the national museum of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum reopened on 13 April this year after a 10 year, €375 million, programme of renovation and refurbishment. The new museum welcomed its millionth visitor on 23 August 2013.

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