Rijksmuseum launches its own cookbook

November 23 2016 - 2:10 PM

The Rijksmuseum has launched a cookbook in which fifty typically Dutch ingredients, from potatoes to seaweed, form the basis of 130 dishes. There are stories and traditional recipes, and fifty top chefs and master patissiers from all over the country have been inspired to create their own dishes. Nine hundred illustrations from the Rijksmuseum’s collection provide a colourful historical culinary backdrop.

The ABC of Dutch cooking in 130 recipes and 900 illustrations

Traditional and Modern Recipes

kookboek The Rijksmuseum asked Jonah Freud, cookery journalist and owner of De Kookboekenhandel in Amsterdam, to compile the Rijksmuseum Cookbook. She collected original and modern dishes based on one or more of the fifty ingredients that define Dutch cooking. She invited fifty Dutch cooks and patissiers to create their own recipes inspired by one of the ingredients. The contributors included celebrities such as Robert Kranenborg and Jonnie Boer, as well as young, up-and-coming chefs like Jim de Jong and Benny Blisto. RIJKS® chef Joris Bijdendijk chose a fish recipe based on mullet.

Culinary History in Pictures

Irma Boom designed the cookbook. She had it printed on a type of paper that looks like baking paper which he devised herself. Objects from the Rijksmuseum’s collection that attest to the Netherlands’ rich culinary history and the prominent role of eating and drinking in art are the basis for the more than 900 illustrations. From fruit, dairy produce and fish in still lifes to cutlery, dinnerware and kitchens from the famous dolls’ houses, the history of Dutch cooking is spread out before the reader, so that people who love cooking and people who love art see dishes they have known for years in a completely new way.

Rijksmuseum Cookbook | June 2016
Author: Jonah Freud | Design: Irma Boom Office |
Editor: Marieke de Jong (Rijksmuseum) |
With the cooperation of 50 Dutch chefs and patissiers
A Rijksmuseum publication in collaboration with De Kookboekhandel
130 recipes, 900 illustrations, paper IBO ONE 60 grams
ISBN: 9789082543711
Verkoopprijs: € 45
The English edition will be published in September 2016


Rijksmuseum Cookbook cover
Rijksmuseum Cookbook
Rijksmuseum Cookbook

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