Rijksmuseum launches Escape Game

June 28 2018 - 9:11 AM

A new way of experiencing art together

What do you get when you combine the thrill of an escape room game with famous stories from the Rijksmuseum? The answer: A mysterious mission that criss-crosses the museum.

This summer, the Rijksmuseum is launching its very own escape game in which players have to recover a secret formula that’s been stolen from a centuries-old book. Players will need to find the clues hidden among the 8,747 art treasures on display throughout the grand museum building.

Rijksmuseum Escape Game: The Secret Formula

The story starts in the library. It’s well after closing time when Bert, the librarian, realises he’s not alone: there’s a shadowy figure moving around in the library. Bert gives chase, but fails to catch whoever it was. Then he discovers that a page containing a very special formula is missing from an 18th-century book by the Italian sorcerer and alchemist Alessandro Cagliostro. Now it’s up to the players of the escape game to save the secret formula.

Game developers

The Rijksmuseum Escape Game was developed by the Rijksmuseum in collaboration with Magus Cagliostro, one of Israel’s most famous illusionists, and scriptwriter Luuk van Bemmelen, well known for his work on films such as Soof (2017), Penoza (2017) and Dik Trom (2010). Magus Cagliostro previously developed escape games for the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum in Haifa, and Madatech Museum in Haifa.

Practical information

Book to play the Rijksmuseum Escape Game from today.
It will only be possible to play the game at the Rijksmuseum this summer. There are two versions of the game: one for adults, the other for families with children aged six and up. Both versions are available in Dutch and English. Tickets cost €17.77 per group of 2 to 5 players, excluding admission to the museum. Standard admission to the museum costs €17.50; entry is free for under-19s and Museum Card (Museumkaart) holders.


Rijksmuseum Escape Game. Foto Rijksmuseum
Rijksmuseum Escape Game. Foto Rijksmuseum
Rijksmuseum Escape Game. Foto Rijksmuseum

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