Martine Gosselink

Martine Gosselink is Head of the Rijksmuseum’s Department of History. Specialism: visual culture of the Netherlands’ overseas and colonial history.

Curriculum vitae and work

Martine Gosselink has been Head of the Department of History since February 2009. Before that, she was the partner and co-founder of the cultural collective De Nieuwe Collectie. She has worked on exhibitions, publications and cultural projects for museums in the Netherlands and abroad since 1995. Her specialism is the visual culture of the Dutch East India Company and the Dutch West India Company. This has led to such things as the database ‘Atlas of Mutual Heritage’ ( being set up and an exhibition on the maps of Johannes Vingboons in the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. Gosselink is also the initiator of the Dutch Manhattan Heritage Program and the associated exhibition ‘New Amsterdam. The Island at the Center of the World’, organised as part of the Henry Hudson year (2009).


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