Guided Tour: Good Hope. South-Africa-The Netherlands from 1600

By means of many remarkable objects, this guided tour gives a picture of the Netherlands and South Africa’s shared heritage.

pieter Portret uit de serie '1994', Pieter Hugo, 2016

The relationship between the Netherlands and South Africa goes back a long time. It began in 1652, when Jan van Riebeeck established a VOC post on the Cape of Good Hope. The history and culture of both countries became ever more closely knit in the ensuing centuries. This history is one of war, violence, and exploitation, as well as an intermingling of cultures and languages. It ranges from the 17th-century colonists to the Boeren who trekked to the interior and founded their own Free States in the 19th century, and from Afrikaners to anti-Apartheid activists in the 20th century.


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