The Passage

The Atrium is made up of two spaces that are connected by way of a tunnel underneath the Passage. The Atrium has its entrance in the Passage. The original brick walls of the Passage have been replaced with large expanses of glass, allowing passers-by to admire the interior courtyards.

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Present and Past


The Passage


The Passage, 2012

Passage tijdens de verbouwing

The Passage during the renovation

Moving the Night Watch to the Philips Wing, 2003

The Passage, 2003


The Passage, 1971


A painting descending from the slot underneath the Night Watch gallery, 1952


North entrance passage during the ‘Art from the Front’ exhibition in 1941


Removal trucks in the Passage, 1939


As a place of transit, the Passage was used as a corridor for special events (1936)

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History of the Rijksmuseum

Our online collection contains a lot more photographs of the Rijksmuseum throughout the years. This link shows, for instance, what the Passage used to look like.

Curious about the rich history of Rijksmuseum building and galleries? Take a look in the historical archive.

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