Night Watch Gallery

The Night Watch Gallery was specially designed to showcase Rembrandt's famous civic guard portrait – a painting that has gone down in history as marking the turning point in his career and as the superlative example of his creative genius. The sculpture in this gallery, which includes several gilded female figures – known as ‘caryatids’ – surmounting the columns that support the vault, allude to Rembrandt's masterly depiction of light and dark. The frieze commemorates key moments in Rembrandt’s life.

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Present and Past

Night Watch Gallery

U.S. President Barack Obama and former Rijksmuseum Director Wim Pijbes in front of the Night Watch, 2014

Night Watch Gallery


Night Watch Gallery


Installation of paintings in the Night Watch Gallery, 2013

2012 - Jannes Linders - Nachtwachtzaal

Night Watch Gallery, 2012

Nachtwachtzaal tijdens de verbouwing 2012

Night Watch Gallery during the renovation, 2012


Night Watch Gallery after the renovation of 1983/1984


Night Watch Gallery with tapestries and armaments, 1947


The Night Watch Gallery as seen from the north-east, c. 1885-1900

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History of the Rijksmuseum

Our online collection contains a lot more photographs of the Rijksmuseum throughout the years. This link shows, for instance, what the Night Watch gallery used to look like.

Curious about the rich history of Rijksmuseum building and galleries? Take a look in the historical archive.

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