Works on paper

The Rijksmuseum’s substantial holdings of works on paper have been divided into various categories. The collection encompasses over a half million prints reflecting a variety of graphic techniques; close to 50,000 drawings; 140,000 photographs; and a library with more than 350,000 books, periodicals, and sales catalogues.

As different in nature as they may be, all of these works on paper share one important characteristic, namely they are fragile and extremely sensitive to light. For this reason, they are generally kept in storage in rigorously regulated conditions, with the proper humidity and temperature, and kept in acid-free cardboard boxes. While the museum nevertheless regularly exhibits works on paper, the duration of the shows is short. Accordingly, we urge you to take advantage of the opportunity when drawings, prints or photographs are displayed, because they usually disappear back into their dark drawers in just a few weeks’ time.



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