In various parts of the world the lion is traditionally considered the most powerful animal on land, just as the eagle rules the sky. With its fierce claws and large head surrounded by a thick mane, the lion radiates might and majesty. Thus, this beast of prey features frequently on family and national coats of arms (notably that of the Netherlands) as a symbol of pride, power and victory. In Greek mythology lionesses draw the carriage of the goddesses and in this context they embody maternal instinct. In the Bible the lion stands for power and pride and is the symbol of Mark the Evangelist.

In the visual arts two lions together often serve as the (intimidating) guards of entrances, gates, and treasures.



timeline stijlen by Peter Kooke

April 6 2013 - 178 works

design by amy myers

January 7 2014 - 67 works

Leeuw & Leeuwin by Jeanneke

October 31 2012 - 14 works