Michelangelo (1475-1564) grew up in Florence under the protection of the powerful Lorenzo de Medici. Lorenzo brought the boy into his house and provided for his training. Michelangelo worked alternately in Rome and in Florence for a series of influential patrons. He epitomised the ideal of a Renaissance artist, a universal man: sculptor, painter, architect and poet. He drew inspiration from Classical Antiquity and studied anatomy and perspective. In later years, Michelangelo developed his own personal style with Mannerist elements.

Michelangelo has become famous as the creator of the frescos at the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, for masterpieces such as David and Pietà, as well as the dome of St Peter’s. His objective was to achieve a dramatic effect. And while a technical and stylistic genius, Michelangelo carefully prepared his work with studies and clay models, some of which have survived.



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