Who taught artist Karel Dujardin (1626-1678) is no longer known: it may have been Nicolaes Berchem or Paulus Potter. Dujardin is famous for his Italianate landscapes, although it is unclear whether he ever visited Italy as a young man. Dujardin certainly travelled to France around 1650. Besides his Italian landscapes, Dujardin also painted portraits and historical scenes in neo-Classical style: smooth, elegant and colourful.
While in the Netherlands, Dujardin lived in The Hague and Amsterdam. In 1675, he travelled to Italy, where his style changed completely: his figures were now smaller and the tone was darker. In Rome, Dujardin joined a society of Dutch artists called the Bentvueghels and was nicknamed 'Bokkebaard' (goatee beard). He died in Venice in 1678.



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