Joseph Germain Dutalis (1780-1852)

Joseph Germain Dutalis of Brussels was apprenticed as a jeweler to his father at the age of eleven. Later, he served apprenticeships with other silversmiths and spent two years as a journeyman in Paris. In 1814, Dutalis took over his father’s workshop. He was a celebrated supplier of jewellery to Willem I and to Belgium’s Leopold I after 1830. It brought him considerable extra trade: Dutalis made awards, medals, church silver, jewellery and hundreds of silver plates for the royal table. The medals that the heralds wore in 1979 at the coronation of Queen Beatrix, were his design.

The silver dressing-table mirror that Dutalis made for Princess Marianne’s wedding is one of the highlights of his oeuvre. For the Belgian king, Dutalis mainly made cutlery and richly ornamented tableware. In 1844, he closed his studio and lived off the interest from his investments.



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