Hendrik de Keyser I (1565-1621)

Hendrick de Keyser was born in Utrecht. He was probably a pupil of Cornelis Bloemaert. Like his teacher, De Keyser combined architecture and sculpture, although he is best known as the architect of buildings in Amsterdam. His Zuiderkerk, Westerkerk and Mint Tower remain major landmarks in Amsterdam’s inner city. In 1591, De Keyser settled in Amsterdam, where in 1594 he was appointed the city's official sculptor and stonemason. As a sculptor, De Keyser was especially influenced by Willem van Tetrode. He worked in various materials, making small bronze figures as well as imposing terracotta busts. He also worked in marble. His largest and most famous marble edifice is the monumental tomb of William of Orange at the New Church in Delft. A study for the work, a terracotta model of the prince lying in state, is in the Rijksmuseum collection. Three of De Keyser's sons, Pieter, Willem and Hendrick, all became sculptors.



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