Hendrick Goltzius (1558-1617)

Draughtsman, engraver and painter Hendrick Goltzius was born in Mülbracht (now Bracht-am-Niederrhein) in Germany. In 1577, he followed his teacher, printer Dirck Volkertsz Coornhert, to Haarlem. Along with Karel van Mander and Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, Goltzius was part of the Haarlem circle that introduced Mannerist art to the Netherlands. Their style is characterised by complex compositions and figures with exaggerated physiques and comparatively small heads. Following a visit to Italy in the 1590s, Goltzius developed a more neoclassical style, with his figures and buildings tending towards classical forms. Goltzius's oeuvre offers an interesting reflection of the changes taking place in Dutch art around 1600. In his day, Goltzius enjoyed an international reputation for the technical brilliance of his engravings.



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