Gerbrand van den Eeckhout (1621-1674) was a man of many talents. Besides prints, drawings and paintings, he also illustrated books and designed gold and silver ornaments; his father was a jeweller. Van den Eeckhout lived in Amsterdam. He was apprenticed to Rembrandt in the 1640s, and the two became close friends. He adopted Rembrandt's use of chiaroscuro as well as borrowing from Rembrandt’s teacher, Pieter Lastman. Van den Eeckhout is also reckoned among the followers of Gerard ter Borch II and Pieter de Hooch. Like Lastman and Rembrandt, Van den Eeckhout focused on painting historical scenes and portraits. He was also held in high regard as a connoisseur and valuer. Van den Eeckhout was a cultivated man, with numerous scholars and poets among his acquaintances.



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