Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem (1562-1638)

Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem was born into an affluent family. When his parents fled the Spanish siege of Haarlem in 1572, Cornelis remained behind with Pieter Pietersz, to whom he was apprenticed. In 1580 and 1581, he studied under artists in Rouen and Antwerp, before returning to Haarlem. Around 1584, Cornelis met Hendrick Goltzius and Karel van Mander, forming their own Haarlem Academy. These three artists represent the Dutch brand of Mannerism, with complex compositions featuring nudes in twisted poses and intricate positions. Besides religious and mythological scenes, Cornelis van Haarlem also painted portraits, kitchen scenes and still lifes.



naakt in het Rijks by Florence v.G.

October 7 2013 - 105 works

Renaissance by Michiel Wirtz

March 12 2014 - 34 works

1e verzameling by Joost Ramakers

October 21 2013 - 342 works