Adriaen van Wesel (c. 1417-shortly after 1490)

Little is known about medieval sculptors, often not even their name. Adriaen van Wesel is an exception; numerous documents relating to his work and commissions have survived. He lived and worked in his native Utrecht throughout his life. He was a prominent figure in the town: he served in the militia, and was a burgess on the city council. Van Wesel’s sculptures were much in demand and his style was highly influential. He left a considerable body of work, including fragments of an altarpiece depicting the life of the Virgin Mary made for St Jan's cathedral in Den Bosch. Detailed records have survived relating to this altarpiece, providing a valuable insight into the way work was commissioned and studios were run in the late Middle Ages. Van Wesel's sculptures have typical recurring features: the wig-like hair of his figures and their slightly drooping eye-lids.



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