Adriaen de Vries (c. 1556-1626)

Adriaen de Vries was born in The Hague, the son of an apothecary. Little is known about his youth and apprenticeship. He worked for a period in Florence with the famous mannerist sculptor Jean Boulogne - known as Giambologna.

De Vries worked as a sculptor at the court of Charles Emmanuel (Duke of Savoy) in Turin and around 1593 at the court of the art patron, Emperor Rudolf II in Prague, where in 1601 he was appointed official court sculptor. He remained in Prague until his death in 1626. During these final years he received commissions from numerous German cities and even from Denmark, making the Neptune fountain for the gardens of the royal palace. One of the statues from this fountain is presently in the Rijksmuseum collection.



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