Johannes Wtenbogaert (1557-1644), a critical preacher

Johannes Wtenbogaert, or Uytenbogaert, played a prominent role in the religious and political life of the young Dutch Republic. He served as adviser to Grand Pensionary Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. At the end of the 16th century he was appointed court chaplain of Stadholder-Prince Maurice. However, the stadholder and the preacher came to oppose each other during the Twelve Years’ Truce with Spain (1609-1621).

A founder of a critical liberal movement (the Remonstrant Brotherhood) within the Protestant Church, Wtenbogaert came into conflict with Maurice and more orthodox Protestants. He fell into disfavour, was banned, and fled to Antwerp in 1618. After the death of Prince Maurice, in 1626 Wtenbogaert returned to the Netherlands and preached in Remonstrant churches. He died in The Hague at the age of 87.



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