Accessories, anonymous, 1922

Accessories, anonymous, 1922

letterpress printing, h 246mm × w 194mm More details

Fans, parasols, opera gloves, fashionable hats, small toques garnished with feathers, wristwatches, compact bracelets, and luxuriously crafted lighters: there was a dazzling variety of accessories in the 1920s. Small bags could be suspended from a belt, or a glove. Walking sticks and the shafts of umbrellas and parasols were often embellished with carving clearly inspired by African and Indian art. And Russian influence was evident when it came to combs made of mother-of-pearl and ivory.

This work belongs to Gazette du Bon Ton. Art - Modes & Frivolités, No. 9 - 1922, 5e Année (RP-P-2009-1963)

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